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The explosion of the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon was the catalyst for a disaster of epic proportions. The oil spill has already had a huge economic and environmental impact on the Gulf of Mexico, and experts believe that it will have lasting effects on commercial industries, tourism, and property ownership for years to come.

Although BP has received most of the attention and blame for the Gulf oil spill, they are not the only major company involved in this tragedy.  Halliburton, Transocean, and Cameron all contributed equipment, supplies, and services that may have played an integral part in this historic disaster. While the exact cause of the explosion aboard the offshore drilling rig is not yet known, the companies involved should be held accountable for the cataclysmic oil spill.

Companies Responsible for the Oil Spill

BP – is the company responsible for the operation of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.  The multi-national company has a history of accidents, safety violations, and environmental disasters, but this most recent event may prove to be the worst accident in the company’s history.

Transocean Ltd. – is a Swiss company that owned the offshore drilling rig the Deepwater Horizon.  The drilling platform and all of the equipment used for drilling the deep-sea oil well were owned by the company, and the failure of the equipment may have been caused by faulty procedures, operation, or maintenance on the part of Transocean.

Halliburton – was responsible for cementing the oil well and the well cap. The company was implicated in a devastating offshore explosion in 2009 off the coast of Australia that experts believe was caused by faulty cementing work. It is possible that faulty work may have again played a factor in this devastating event.

Cameron – is a flow-equipment manufacturer who produced the blowout preventer used on the Deepwater Horizon. The blowout preventer failed to cut the “upstream” flow of oil, which led to the explosion on the offshore drilling rig.

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The explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig and the subsequent oil spill is a disaster of never-before-seen proportions. If you have lost income or business, or have had property damaged by this catastrophic event, it is important to hold the companies responsible for the accident accountable for their actions.  To discuss your oil spill claim, contact the Gulf of Mexico oil spill lawyers of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544 today.

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