Do You Really Need an Attorney for a Denied Oil Spill Claim?

BP has the right to appeal any Deepwater Horizon¬†offer of over $25,000. Since October of 2012, BP has been extremely aggressive in appealing awards to all types of claimants. Unfortunately, since most of these claimants either don’t have a lawyer, or don’t have a lawyer with experience in this area, BP has been highly successful with their appeals (winning over 90% of published decisions).

Meanwhile, our clients have not lost a single BP appeal to date. Our approach is not to get bogged down in a long and uncertain appeal process, but instead to leverage our relationship with BP’s lawyers to resolve appeals. In many instances we have resolved appeals at 100% of the original offer once we had an opportunity to explain our position to BP’s lawyers.

Additionally, the Class Action Settlement is a highly-complex legal agreement with a myriad of formulas and deadlines to follow. Asking a small-business owner to read, process, and implement an agreement that is over 1,000 pages long is not realistic. This is why over 600 Gulf-Coast businesses have put their claim and their trust with us.

If your oil spill claim has been denied, we can help you to seek the resources that you need to recover. To learn more about how our legal services may be of assistance, contact the Gulf Coast oil spill lawyers of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544.

Difficulties with Handling an Oil Spill Claim

When a person files an oil spill claim, they may benefit from legal guidance and representation. An attorney can provide crucial legal assistance through the difficult portions of the claim filing or denial dispute process. Legal professionals may prove especially useful with the following issues:

  • Handling paperwork quickly and accurately
  • Gathering evidence and records to support a claim
  • Drawing on prior case precedents or legal interpretations
  • Providing important advice to a claimant throughout a case

Contact Us

If your claim was denied by BP, this does not mark the end of the line. You have the ability to appeal this rejection, and it is generally advisable to do so with a capable and committed legal representative at your side. Contact the Gulf Coast oil spill attorneys of Williams Hart by calling 800-821-1544 today for help with your claim.

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