Department of Justice issues biting criticism of BP’s actions

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) lambasted British Petroleum in a brief filed in the same court the oil giant is currently trying to settle civil claims brought against it after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.

BP is in the process of settling claims against it from Gulf coast fishermen and tourist destinations who lost a great deal of income as a result of the oil spill. The DOJ’s criticisms could be enough to cause the long-awaited settlement to be rejected in pursuit of a larger one.

The DOJ is seeking BP be punished for acting grossly negligent in the period leading up to and directly after the spill, citing company emails and the its internal investigation following the spill. There is evidence that the company may have been aware something was not right with the well, but continued operations without taking the proper safety measures.

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BP oil spill contributed to loss of Louisiana marshes

A University of Florida researcher has published a study that measured the 2010 BP oil spill’s impact on marshlands in Louisiana. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was funded by a $200,000 grant pulled from a $500 million research fund provided by BP after the spill.

Brian Silliman and his team have been studying the marshes since July of 2010, three months after the spill.  They found that the 45-mile stretch of oil-exposed marshes eroded more rapidly than those that weren’t exposed. Once marshland is lost, it cannot be restored.

The marshes play a vital role in Louisiana’s aquatic ecosystems and fishing industry.

Two years after the accident, the oil spill’s far-reaching consequences may still not be fully understood. If the oil spill has caused you to lose business or has ruined your land, contact the Gulf oil spill property damage lawyers of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544.

Oil spill effects on econonmy and environment still unknown

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill that caused millions of gallons to be leaked into the ocean has been effecting families in the Gulf area economically and the environment in the area, but the long term side effects of this disaster are still unknown.

Oil in the Gulf is already hurting businesses, such as the shrimp industry. The long term effects on the industry are not known, but as of now the oil is smothering the business. A biology professor has said that the oil in the Gulf will take longer to break down because the water is not very cool and will seep into marshes where it can stay for long periods of time.

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Lawyers wonder how BP will maintain $20 billion fund

Lawyers question how BP Plc will be protecting and replenishing the $20 billion find that was set up to pay damage claims from the oil spill.

Two funds have been set up by BP, one $20 billion fund for spill damage claims and $100 billion fund to aid workers in the oilfield that were injured after the spill.

Lawyers are now asking to see formation and agreement documents that have been signed by BP. The company is currently facing 300 lawsuits from people who have had property damage and damages to the tourist and fishing businesses because of the spill.

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