Alabama is behind Florida and Lousiana in amount of oil spill claims that have been paid

Alabama is trailing behind Louisiana and Florida in the amount of  claims that have been filed and payed, according to reports filed by officials that are in charge of the fund.

Baldwin and Mobile counties are at the top of the list for the amount of people that have received payments for their claims but records show that nearly 38,000 are still pending.

The Governor of Alabama announced that he concerned with the speed of the payments and he spoke with Fienberg, the attorney in charge of the fund, and said that the claims need to be paid now and the process needs to be accelerated. According to data, Louisiana has received the most money with $43.8 million, but Florida has the most claims processed with 4,323.

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BP claimed own engineers were at fault in spill

BP Plc’s internal investigation into the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig found that some of the fault lay in the hands of company. Some mistakes were made when the oil well was finishing being made, including the misreading of data that showed that a blowout was possible.

A person familiar with the report said that a test that was taken on April 20 to show the well’s stability was misread. The misreading of this test lead for rig workers to replace drilling liquid on the rig with seawater. The seawater was too light in to prevent the leaking natural gas from shooting up the pipe and causing the explosion that killed 11 workers and leaked million of gallons of oil into the sea.

Although, this incident occurred it cannot be fully to blame for the explosion. “The entire industry should not be blamed for the actions of one single individual,” said John Hofmeister, chief executive officer of Citizens for Affordable Energy, in an interview in Bloomberg Business Week. An investigation to what happened on that day is still underway.

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Coast Guard Capt. investigates BP oil spill

An investigator is looking into what caused the explosion of the BP oil rig on April 20 and the findings have shown that there were multiple people making major decisions on the rig that may have lead to serious confusion.

The investigator, U.S. Coast Guard Capt., described the leadership on the rig as a “murky command structure” because commands were made by at least three different people.

The investigator also expressed disappointment that BP officials could not answer questions on how they could drill more safely during their operations and that they were unaware of previous lessons that should have been learned from other oil spill disasters in the past few decades.

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