Navarre Oil Spill Lawsuit Lawyers

While some Gulf Coast communities are waiting to see whether the recent oil spill will affect them, Navarre has already seen tar balls and oil wash up on its beaches. Though the complete extent of the impact is not yet clear, the potential for both environmental and economic disaster is very serious.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion of April 20th, 2010, triggered a massive flow of oil directly into the Gulf of Mexico, and efforts to contain the spill have had only mixed success. As a consequence of the oil spill, the entire coastal region from Texas to Florida may be subjected to the spoiling of its natural beauty as well as severe financial losses.

Economic Impact

Navarre and other communities which are economically dependent upon the beaches and waters are at risk. All along the Florida panhandle, there are cities and towns suffering from the effects of the oil spill. Many would-be visitors are avoiding travel to the area or are canceling the plans that they had already made, cutting deeply into the revenues of hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and other leisure enterprises.

When coupled with the adverse effect on fishing, real estate, and other more local concerns, the matter becomes even more severe. The livelihoods of residents and workers are being threatened, and businesses are experiencing uncommon financial losses.

Fair Compensation

It may seem crass to try to place a dollar value on the oil spill damage. But the grim reality is that many people are currently feeling or will be subjected to financial struggles due to the effects of the oil spill. This may be manifested in lost wages, lost jobs, lost revenues, and property loss or damage.

If you have experienced financial losses as a direct result of the oil spill then you may be able to file a civil lawsuit. One of our skilled and experienced Navarre economic loss lawyers can discuss your situation with you to determine whether legal action may be appropriate. Anticipated cases include:

  • Condo Damage
  • Home Damage
  • Business Damage
  • Hotel and Resort Claims

The scope of the ecological and financial damage caused by the oil rig explosion is horrific. You deserve to be compensated for the negligence of the oil company and others involved.

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