Oil Spill Lost Wages Claims Lawyers

Employees of Gulf coast businesses were among the many victims of the 2010 oil spill. Many workers lost wages as a result of business closures and decreased revenue. This put many coastal employees in a difficult financial position. When they filed claims to receive compensation for lost wages, many people had their legitimate claims denied. Hardworking employees are the backbone of the coastal economy, and their struggles are a sad legacy of the oil spill disaster.

If you lost wages as a result of the Gulf oil spill, there may still be hope for financial compensation. The oil spill lost wages claims lawyers at Williams Hart are fighting on behalf of clients like you. To find out if we can be of assistance, call us at 800-821-1544.

Who Lost Wages?

Workers in businesses all along the Gulf coast lost wages. This region includes the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Workers in the following types of businesses were particularly hard-hit:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Tourism service
  • Fisheries
  • Seafood distributors

Some of these businesses cut wages in response to decreased revenue. Others laid off part of the workforce either temporarily or permanently. Workers who lost wages were left with few financial options. When their lost wage claims were rejected, the situation only got bleaker. Individuals and families on the Gulf coast are still suffering the effects of the disaster.

Contact Us

Williams Hart may be able to help you fight for compensation for your lost wages. We are committed to helping the hardworking people of the Gulf coast region in the wake of this tragedy. Contact our oil spill lost wages claims attorneys by calling us at 800-821-1544.

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