Oil Spill Independent Claims Process

Property owners and businesses: new developments may change the way you file claims for oil spill damages.

BP has agreed to set aside $20 billion dollars in escrow over the next 4 years to help pay for removal costs and damages incurred by property owners and businesses as a result of the Gulf oil spill. As BP will not be trying to limit its liability under the Oil Pollution act, a new, independent claims process has been established to ensure that individuals, property owners, and business owners affected by the spill are compensated in a fair and transparent manner.

Williams Hart has already started assisting clients with the new claims process. Our attorneys are ready to help you with your claim. Call 800-821-1544 to learn more.

Damages to Property and Businesses

If you own a condo, beachfront property, or a business, your long-term damages from the oil spill, including diminished property values, lost revenue, and other consequential damages, may be more extensive than you realize.  Williams Hart, in cooperation with forensic accountants, real estate appraisers, and business valuation experts, can help you conduct the sophisticated investigation necessary to determine the true extent of damage to your life and livelihood.

We are committed to helping you figure out how this will affect your life and livelihood for years to come. Contact an experienced attorney at 800-821-1544 if you have any questions.

The Independent Claims Process: Key Facts

According to the White House fact sheet:

  • BP is committed to paying all injured parties for removal costs and damages. It will not attempt to “cap” its liability under the the Oil Pollution Act.
  • The escrow account has been established to provide assurance that funds will be available to pay all valid claims.
  • Claimants will retain all legal rights and may pursue further legal action if they are dissatisfied with the claims administrator’s decisions.
  • BP will also contribute $100 million to a foundation to support unemployed oil rig workers.

To ensure that people and businesses affected by the spill are fairly compensated, the administrator of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, Kenneth Feinberg, has been named the independent administrator of oil spill claims.

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If your property has been damaged by the oil spill, you may forced to deal with more than just the cost of clean-up. You may be entitled to compensation for the long-term devaluation of your property and other consequential damages that can make it difficult for you and your family.

Williams Hart can help you determine the extent of your claim and help you prepare for the new, independent claims process. Contact us at 800-821-1544 to discuss your claim today.

Get news about the areas in the destructive path of Gulf oil spill.

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