How the fishing industry was affected by the oil spill

The fishing industry was hit hard by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010, and has not fully recovered. Experts believe that a full recovery could take several more years, or possibly never happen. After the spill, 40 percent of the Gulf Coast was no longer available for fishing, commercial or recreational.

The Louisiana shrimp supply was largely damaged in the accident. The prices for the peeled shrimp have doubled due to the small supply that is available. Oyster beds were partially destroyed by the oil, and demand is much lower than what it once was for the product.

Seafood restaurants in the Gulf saw a huge decline in customers. These individuals stayed away from the restaurants in fear that the food was contaminated from the oil. The industry is slowly recovering, and will be for years to come.

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Shallow-water rig workers excluded from BP compensation

As BP pays for claims filed against them from people who have suffered from loss of income, there is one industry that is being left out, the shallow-water rig workers.

A 59-year-old discusses his frustration because he is a shallow water rig worker who is employed by Seahawk Drilling, Inc. but has not worked since July as the rig he works on has been sitting idle. Nearly 300 Seahawk, 30 percent of its workforce, has been laid off. Many employers of shallow- water rig workers are keeping the staff on as long as they can, but they are burning through funds quickly.

The $20 billion restitution fund that was set up by BP does not cover this shallow rig workers because they must apply to the the Rig Worker Assistance Fund that BP put $100 million for rig workers, but the fund is limited to workers on the 33 deep water rigs when the six-month moratorium against deep water drilling began. So they shallow-water rig workers are being left out even though they are experiencing financial hardship.

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Louisiana creates committee to oversea oyster industry

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Louisiana has created a new advisory committee in order to make further decisions regarding the oyster industry.

The oyster industry has been one of the hardest hit industries after the oil spill in the Gulf. Some oyster farmers have reported that entire leases have been taken out because of the opening of the river diversions.

Mississippi decided to open the river diversions to try and keep the oil out of the interior marshes. The goal of the Oyster Advisory Committee is to ensure the people in the oyster industry are compensated adequately from all of the oil spill damages.

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BP is behind on claims in Mississippi

According to the U.S. Attorney General, British Petroleum is behind on paying claims to people in Mississippi.

Of the claims filed in Mississippi, about losses and damages received because of the oil spill, BP has yet to pay 63 percent of the claims, which comes out to actionable 6,050 claims.

The claims have been filed by rental property owners(1,062), restaurant owners(213) and boat claims(695). In Mississippi, BP has paid nearly $28.6 million. The AG has insisted that BP establish a claims process that is faster so that Gulf residents can get the money they deserve.

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New Orleans consolidates BP oil spill suits

BP Plc is facing hundreds of suits from New Orleans because Eastern Louisiana is the closest region to the oil spill disaster.

A U.S. District Judge is presiding over 300 lawsuits including wrongful death suits from the families of workers killed in the rig explosion to loss of revenue claims from people who say that the oil spill has cost them money in fishing and tourism industries that their livelihoods depend on.

The judge set the date of Sept. 17 to organize all of the lawsuits in court. The government also wanted New Orleans to consolidate their lawsuits because it is a large city with the most damage done.

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BP announced that they have paid more that $256 million in claims

BP announced on July 28 that they have paid $256 million in claims to people who have lost profits or income as a result of the oil spill.

Next month, BP said that they plan to pay at least another $60 million in advanced payments. This program has been created to help the people who have lost income because of the oil spill and need the payments to make up for what they have lost.

People receiving the payments include: fishermen, oyster harvesters, and the owners of charter boats. Since May, Bp has received over 133,000 claim checks and has issued nearly 83,000 back to people. The Deepwater Horizon rig has not leaked any oil since July 15 when it was capped.

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Workers in cleanup program must subtract pay from claims damages

It has been announced by the lawyer in charge of the BP escrow fund, that workers who participate in the Vessels of Opportunity Cleanup program, will have their pay subtracted from their damages award money.

The Vessels of Opportunity, VoO, has contracted local vessels in order to help with the cleanup process of the oil spill. Workers in the program are reportedly being paid $5,000 per month. Some fishermen have said that BP is only using a fraction of the people that are eligible to help.

The money that is earned will be subtracted from the damages that may be awarded. This announcement has been controversial because many people feel like they should be penalized for helping to cleanup BP’s mess.

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