Veterinarians affected by oil spill seek compensation

The disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill of 2010 has had far reaching economic  and environmental impacts.

Fishermen and other people whose livelihoods depend on the sea have suffered severe economic losses. Losses have trickled down to others who provide goods and services to these individuals. Some veterinarians who serve in areas that were devastated by the oil spill noticed sharp declines in their revenue as people who work in the water lost wages and could no longer afford to take their pets in for care.

People who have lost revenue because of the spill may be eligible for claims against BP. To qualify, they must be able to show a drastic decrease in their income between the year before the spill, the year of the spill, and then a return to normal income the year after the spill.

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New claims administer for Gulf oil spill sends over 1,000 claims out

The new Gulf oil spill claims administrator has sent out the first payments after switch from Kenneth Feinberg’s operation. Patrick Juneau, the new administrator under the new legal settlement, has stated that the first claims were sent between March 8 to March 21.

It has been stated that nearly 1,096 claims were sent out and they totaled tonearly $27 million. Over half of the claimants were decided under Fienberg’s control, but the terms were not accepted before the end of February.

These claimants have already received 60 percent of what Feinberg said that they would receive, but under the new legal terms, they will not have to sign anything that will permit them from suing BP or any other parties considered responsible for the oil spill.

If you or a loved one suffered financially after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Gulf oil spill denied claims lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-821-1544 today.

Florida property projects frozen over oil spill

The Florida home construction industry has taken a serious blow from damages due to the Gulf Coast oil spill.

With paused or canceled projects running between $450,000 to $750,000 per property, home builders have found major set-backs in economic recovery appearing from oil spill worries. Growth between this year and the last showed 11% growth in March and 4.7% growth in April, making some believe that Florida property owners were seeing a slow by steady road to recovery. After the oil spill, any confidence assumed by area property holders has been scrambled.

University of Central Florida’s Institute for Economic Competitiveness has estimated a $10.9 billion list of damages due to the oil spill. Since Tuesday, BP has accounted for and paid $183,602 to Florida claims. Real estate sales loss claims have totaled $11,722, according to BP.

If you or someone you know has suffered damages or sustained injury due to the oil spill, you may be entitled for legal recourse. Contact the Gulf of Mexico oil spill lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-821-1544 to discuss your rights and options with a legal professional today.

BP to set up $20 billion fund for victims of the oil spill

Officials have told The Associated Press the BP will be setting up a $20 billion fund in order to pay claims to people that have had  jobs and their way of life have disrupted due to the oil spill.

Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer who was in charge of  overseeing payments to the victim’s families of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, will be in charge of this. President Obama met with BP officials Wednesday to urge that they set up a fund for families whose lives will be damaged severely from the Gulf Oil Spill that occurred on April 20.

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Florida property managers bracing for huge losses following Gulf oil spill

Property managers along Florida’s  coast are expecting the worst this summer as the damage from BP’s oil spill threatens properties along the gulf coast. Vacation rentals have already seen a 10% drop since the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded in April. As the resulting oil spill begins to threaten coastal properties, vacation property owners and managers fear that tourism and commercial losses may eventually reach 10 to 15 billion dollars.

Managers like Rhonda Holley, the general manager of Pinnacle Point in Panama City Beach, are offering “white sands guarantees” in which tourists will be refunded rental fees if oil does end up hitting the beach. While the guarantees may work to keep business in the early part of the season, some fear that the long-term losses may become too much to handle.

For more information on property damage and oil spill claims, contact the Gulf of Mexico oil spill lawyers of Williams Hart at  800-821-1544 to talk to an experienced attorney today.

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