Oil sheen reported off of Gulf coast

The Coast Guard has reported an “oil sheen” off of the coast of Louisiana.

It was originally found by satellite images in the middle of September. The Coast Guard retrieved samples of the water for testing. Luckily, the samples taken show no indication of further damage to marine ecosystems.

The sheen is located very close to the site of the Deepwater Horizon explosion that dumped over 200 million gallons of oil into the sea.

The oil spill did vast amounts of economic and environmental damage to the Gulf region. If you were negatively impacted by the 2010 Gulf oil spill, contact an oil spill attorney of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544 to learn more about your legal options.

US sells oil drilling leases for Gulf of Mexico

The United States auctioned off leases on tracts of land in the Gulf of Mexico to help boost domestic oil production and reduce dependence on oil from foreign sources.

The auction brought in $1.7 billion, with British Petroleum purchasing more than 40 of the available leases. The most expensive single tract went to a Norwegian company for $157 million.

The last time the U.S. auctioned land in the Gulf, the sale brought in $949.3 million. Two months after the auction, one of BP’s offshore oil rigs exploded, causing the biggest oil spill the country has seen.

Many people are still recovering from that spill’s far-reaching effects. If your oil spill insurance claims have been denied, contact the Gulf of Mexico oil spills attorneys of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544.

Tar found on Texas beaches linked to oil spill

According to authorities, tar balls have washed up on Texas shores which can be traced back to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Coast Guard and state officials have said that the roughly five gallons of tar that washed up on beaches in Galveston County originated from the Macondo Prospect, off the coast of Louisiana.

Galveston County is located approximately 400 miles from the source of the oil spill, and many initial projections held that it would take much longer for the spill to affect Texas. Captain Marcus Woodring of the Coast Guard said authorities were unsure how the tar traveled so far, but tests conducted Saturday confirmed that it was indeed from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

As of Tuesday, the beaches remain open, although authorities are concerned about the ramifications the hurricane season could have on an already serious environmental disaster.

If your property has been damaged as the result of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, please contact the Texas oil spill attorneys of Williams Hart today by calling 800-821-1544.

Gulf oil spill causes condo sales to suffer

Beachfront condo owners have started to feel the effects of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and values of this once-valuable property have dropped significantly. Even though many beaches along the gulf-coast are relatively oil-free, the public perception of the oil threat has made it increasingly difficult for property owners to sell their  homes, condos, and beachfront property.

Real estate agents like Alicia Hollis have already seen property values suffer due to hurricanes, and the mortgage crisis, and were largely counting on this year to be a rebound year for property sales in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Many people fear that property sales will continue to suffer long after the spill has been cleaned up. In order to help struggling homeowners, some officials have requested that property owners pay lower taxes based on the property’s current value and have called upon BP to compensate the states for the lowered tax revenue.

For more information on property claims and the oil spill, contact an experienced oil spill attorney of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544 to discuss your claim.

Get news about the areas in the destructive path of Gulf oil spill.

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