Property Damage

The recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill is not only an environmental disaster; it is causing extensive economic damages as well. One costly problem facing many families and businesses in the region is property damage caused by oil-contaminated water as it washes onshore. Oil is very difficult to clean from buildings, beaches, and other property, and may permanently damage some equipment.

If your residential or business property has been affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill, you may have grounds for filing a legal claim. If successful, you could receive compensation for your cleanup costs, damaged items, and potentially more. To learn more about your legal options, contact the oil spill property damage claims attorneys of Williams Hart today at 800-821-1544.

Types of Property Damage

The first step in seeking compensation for damaged property is determining the type of claim you need to file. Legally, property damage claims generally fall into one of two categories:

  • Real property damage: “Real property” refers to land and buildings. You may have grounds for a real property damage claim if oil has damaged soil, water, or buildings on your commercial or residential property.
  • Personal property damage: “Personal property” refers to items people own other than land or buildings. If your automobile, boat, fishing equipment, or other items have been damaged by the oil spill, you may be able to win compensation for the costs of repairing or replacing them.

Cleaning oil can be a long and expensive process, especially when it requires specialized training and equipment. In addition, some items that have been damaged by oil cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced entirely. Our Gulf Coast oil spill property damage lawyers believe that no one should have to take on such expenses due to the errors of another party.

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If you are interested in pursuing compensation for property damaged by the oil spill, we can help. To get started on your legal case, contact the oil spill property damage lawyers of Williams Hart at 800-821-1544.

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